Redskins vs Cowboys

A Redskins fan was walking down a street one day when he noticed a
lamp in the undergrowth. He picked up the lamp and in doing so accidentally
rubbed it. Suddenly, a genie popped out. 'Thank you" said the genie. The
Redskins fan asked the genie if he was entitled to three wishes. "Yes, but
for every wish granted, all Cowboys fans get double".  Obviously
disgruntled at this, the Redskins fan said "OK for my first wish I would
a Ferrari F40". 'Wish granted and now all Cowboy fans have 2 Ferrari
F40's' said the genie. "For my second wish I would like £10 million". "Wish
granted and now all Cowboys fans have £20 million each" The Redskins fan
then paused for moment and then said "For my third wish, I would like one
kidney removed"!!
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