A man and his wife were preparing to go out for the evening. She had just
stepped out of the shower and he was shaving. Suddenly the door bell rang.
"Would you get that?" the husband said. Even though she was naked with wet
hair she pulled a bath robe on and proceeded to answer the door bell.

Upon opening the door she discovered the next door neighbor on their doorstep.
He gazed at her a moment and suddenly said "I'll give you $500 to open that
robe and let me have a look". She was somewhat taken aback but upon reflection
thought that it would be an easy way to earn $500 and, while embarrassing,
no one would ever know. So she spread apart her robe for him to see.

After feasting his eyes on her naked body for several minutes, he handed her $500 and left.

So, she closed her robe and slammed the door. "Who was it?" her husband yelled. "
The next door neighbor." she replied. "Did he give you that $500 he owes me?"
asked her husband.
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