A guy in a mask bursts into a sperm bank with a shotgun.

 "Open the freaking safe," he yells at the woman behind the counter.
 "But we're not a real bank," she replies,"We don't have any
 money, this is  a sperm bank."

 "Don't argue, open the freaking safe or I'll blow your head off,"
 says the guy with the gun.  She obliges and once she's opened the
 safe door the guy says, "Take out one of the bottles and drink it."

 "But it's full of sperm!" she replies nervously.

 "Don't argue, just drink it," he says. She takes the cap off and
 gulps it down.
"Take out another one and drink it too," he demands. She takes
 out another and drinks it as well.

 Suddenly the guy pulls off the mask and to the women's amazement
 it's her husband. "There," he says, "it's not that freaking
difficult, is  it?!!"

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