Cops Bust Student for Campus
      Left Rotting Meat, Squid in Dorms, Police Say

      May 5, 2000

      By Seamus McGraw

      BOULDER, Colo. ( -- A junior at the University of Colorado
      who allegedly launched an assault on the olfactory senses of his fellow
      students, leaving squid, Chinese food and old meat to rot in several
      dormitories, has been charged in connection with the rank pranks, police

      "The Zeke-ster ran afoul of the law," said Lt. Tim McGraw, a university
      police spokesman.

      He was referring to 21-year-old Zeke
      , who was arrested Tuesday on
      misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and
      second-degree tampering.

      University police first picked up Zeke's
      scent in October, when the stench of rotting fish first wafted through four
      campus dormitories, nauseating several students, McGraw said.

      On close inspection, police found a plastic container hidden inside a drop
      ceiling, according to the 11-page complaint signed against Zeke.

      The attacks continued and so did the investigation.

      Suspected, feared

      Over the Christmas break, investigators following their noses turned up a
      cache of rotting meat, eggs and other foul-smelling items, which Zeke
      was allegedly planning to use in future stink attacks, police said.

      Although his fellow students suspected him, authorities said, none were
      willing to come forward until last month for fear that Zeke would target
      them for one of his "squidding" attacks, authorities said.

      Finally, one student came forward, identifying Zeke as the source of
      stench and leading them to a video Zeke had made documenting one
      of his attacks, according to the complaint.

      Zeke was released on his own recognizance. If convicted, he could
      face up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines on each count.
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