Clinton dies and of course goes straight to hell. When he
gets there the Devil greets him and offers him three ways
to spend eternity. They go to the first door and the Devil
shows him Newt Gingrich, hanging from the ceiling with fire
under him. Bill says "Oh no! Thatís not how I want to spend
all eternity......." They go to the second door.
The Devil shows him Rush Limbaugh chained to the
wall being tortured. Bill says "Oh no! Not for me!"
They go to the third door. Behind it is Ken Starr, chained to
the wall with Monica Lewinsky on her knees giving him a blowjob.
Bill thinks and decides, "Hmmm, looks okay to me. Iíll take it."
The Devil then says, "Good. Hey Monica, youíve been replaced."
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