Since heaven was so overpopulated over the years, God made a policy. "To get
into heaven, the day you die has to be a REALLY bad day"
So, it's the first day of the policy and a man walks in. The secretary in
heaven (i guess that's who stays there) asks him "how was your day?" The guy
"Okay picture this. I come home from work to my apartment on the 25th floor
and I find my wife half-naked in the living room. I knew she was cheating on
me so I went to find the guy, and some bastard with purple spandex on is
hanging off my balcony. So, I start stepping on his hands and he fell off,
but he didn't die. I grabbed the closest thing I could find, a refrigerator,
and throw it on him. I didn't see what happened but the extreme rush gave me
a heart attack and now I'm here."
The secretary let him in. Another man comes up dressed in purple spandex and
the secretary is startled.
"How was YOUR day?" she asked.
"Okay, picture this I come home from work and I go up to my apartment on the
26th floor. I was doing my daily workout on my balcony, when all of a sudden,
I fell over. I thought I would die, but luckily, I grab onto the balcony
ledge below me. Then some nut came out, mad as hell, and started stepping on
my fingers until I lost grip and fell. Again I thought I'd die, but I landed
on a leafy treetop. Then the same idiot rushes onto the balcony with a
refrigerator and drops it on me. I was crushed on the spot, and that's how I
got here"
The secretary laughs a little, but then lets him in. Then she sees Bill
Clinton emerging towards her.
"Um, Mr. President, how was your day?"
He replied:
"Picture this, I'm naked inside a refrigerator..........."
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