"I've discovered a way you can travel for free through the Internet."

"What, you hack into an airline's reservation system?"

"No, that's illegal.  I go into a chatroom and pretend to be a
_really_ hot 18 year old girl.  I'm Debbie.  I'm blonde, naive, and I
love to wear sundresses. Right now, I'm having a lot of problems at
home.  Dad's SO mean.  I'm going through all these changes, all these
strange new feelings... he just doesn't unders..."

"Wait, wait.  The free travel?"

"Debbie goes into some chatroom, gets real friendly with some lonely
guy, before long he's willing to pay for a visit.  Right now, I'm
sitting on a ticket to Tampa.  Oh, and I make sure he buys Debbie full
fare coach, no restrictions!  She may look good in a thong, but she's
no dummy!"

 -- "Malcolm in the Middle," on FOX
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