"You know, Dad," 16-year-old Jimmy started. "I'm 16 now and I think it's
time that we talk about getting a car for me to drive."

"Well, I'll make a deal with you, Jimmy," his Dad replied. "We'll talk
about this car idea when you bring home a good report card and you get
your hair cut."

A couple of months later, Jimmy brings home his report card.

"Here you go, Dad. All A's!"

"That's great, Jimmy," his Dad replied. "But you still haven't gotten
your hair cut."

"Well, Dad, while making those great grades, I was in a religion class
and noticed that Jesus had long hair, all of the Apostles had long hair.
Moses, Joseph and even the kings of the land all had long hair."

His Dad thought about this for a second and asked, "Did you notice what
else they had in common?"

"No, what?" Jimmy replied.

"They were all WALKING!"
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