Police officer Michael Fenwick was scheduled for all-night duty at the 8th District station. He was relieved of duty early, and arrived home four hours ahead of schedule, at 2 a.m. Not wanting to wake his wife Camille, he undressed in the dark, creeped into the bedroom and started to climb into bed.

Camille sleepily sat up and said, "Mike, dearest, would you go down to the all-night drug store next block and get me some extra strength Tylenol? I've got a splitting headache."

"Certainly, honey," he said, and feeling his way across the room, he crawled back into his uniform and ran out of the house to the drug store.

As he arrived,the pharmicist looked up in surprise. "Say," said the druggist, "aren't you officer Fenwick of the 8th District?"

"Yes, I am," said Fenwick.

"Well, then, what in the world are you doing in the fire chief's uniform?"
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