There was this couple who had just gotten married.On the honeymoon the
husband placed a box under their bed he says to his wife, "Honey as long
as we are married never ever look in this box." Being the good wife
she was she obeyed him and did not look in the box. After 15 years of
marriage she never looked in the box. Until one day she could not take
it she had to look in the box or she was going to go crazy. So she looked
in the box all that was in there were three cans and a thousand dollars.
Later that night at dinner she looked at her husband and said,"hon, I looked
in you box the one under the bed."

"Oh," said the husband.

"Why are there three cans in your box?" asked the wife.

"Dear, every time I cheated on you I put a can into the box." replied the husband.

"And the thousand dollars?" questioned the wife.

"Well you see when the box got full I had to recycle."

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