Saving The Prez
On Clinton's last trip to Hawaii, he went swimming at
Waikiki Beach. He got caught in a riptide and was been
pulled out to sea.
Three young surfers swam out to him and brought him to
shore. He wanted to reward them, and asked what they
would like.
The first said he wanted to be a fighter pilot, and
Clinton said he would get him an appointment to the
A.F. Academy.
The second one said he wanted to command a submarine.
"Fine, I'll get you into the Naval Academy."
The third said he wanted to be buried at Arlington.
Clinton looked puzzled and asked why such a young
person was concerned about where he would be buried.
"Because", said the surfer, "my father is a Vietnam
Veteran, and when I go home and tell him I saved your
life, he's going to kill me."

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