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Be Prepared for a Hurricane
How to Save the Airlines
Old Story - Democrats
Value of a Drink
Stuttering Cat
Problems at the Estate
9 Things I Hate About Everyone
Meeting the Boss
Human Evolution
Hillary in front of C unt
An Iraqi Detroit Red Wing
Irishman and a Muslim
NY Love Story
Gotta Love the Irish
Cup of Tea
Why Athletes can't have real jobs
Tale of the Irish Sausage
Christmas Story
Blonde at her first football game
Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton in Heaven
Three Hillbillies
Blonde Men
Political Party Definitions
Political Spin
Fisherman and the Balloonist
Hillary Stamp
Things not to say to an officer
7 Degrees of Blonde
You might be Floridian if ....
Beer Warning
Missing Bill Clinton
Ancient Japanese Proverb
Perfect Day for a Man and a Woman
Golf on Christmas
Halloween Cartoons
Bar Stool Economics
Aunt Karen
Perfect Woman
Legless Armless Girl
Rules for Yankees who move South
Woman goes to the grocery store
Power and Knowledge
Sunday School Humor
Scarry Pumpkins
Cannibal Restaurant
Sex Laws Around the World
Vending Machines of the Future
Morale Building Posters
Inspirational Posters for the Cubicle
Clinton goes to Hell
Motivational Postings
Parrot on a plane
Letter to a Redneck Son
Disorder in the Court
Don't Be A Rick
Life at the Office
Gone Fishing
Blonde Ventriloquist
Failure to Communicate
Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven
Golf Story
Cowboy Whisperer
Car Alarms
Heart Exercises
Grandparent Stories
Reach Out
The Innocence of Childhood
Nature Lesson for Golfers
Record High Jump
Highway Fun
Senion Citizen Wallmart Application
Kite Surfing
The Reunion
The Gunfighter
One Fine Night
Top Shelf Friends
2008 Democatic National Convention (DNC) Agenda
New gadgets video
Guess the object
To Light A Candle
Five Minute Management Course
First IT Help Desk Video
Louisiana Friends
How To Start Each Day With a Positive Outlook
Retarded Grandparents
Fun Facts
Why Middle Aged Women Should Stay Home Video
Blonde Milk Joke
Redneck Vasectomy
Blonde Jigsaw Puzzle
Dilbert Newsletter #65
Bounced Check
Chocolate Easter Bunnies
Cubicle Birthday Surprise
Deer Camp
Irish Toast
Funny moments in church
Stupid People
Irish St Patricks Day Jokes
Hillary for President in 08
Texas Air Traffic Control
Anniversary Gift Ideas
Understanding Engineers
Interesting fact about UFOs
To Be Six Again - how men listen
Perspectives on life by Costanza
Nancy Pelosi's Wish
American Journalism 101
Madden Popcorn Maker video
Good Lawyer
How the Left Stole Christmas
First Pitch
Stuck in Traffic
Baseball in Heaven
How not to conduct an interview on camera - video
Adult Christmas Humor
Three Surgeons
How not to leave a boat
Initial Reactions
What do you call...
How do you know Adam & Eve...
Canadian Lesbian Sex
The Loan
Marriage Views
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Southern Baptist
Motorcycle for Sale
The Red Pigeon
The Haircut
You named it what?
European Security Levels
Voodoo Penis
Politically Correct 2
Grandpa's and Kids
Hillbilly Mirror
Reasons to wear Pajamas
Famous Quotes 2
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
Why Most Men Are Republicans
Yankee Ingenuity
When You Really Have to Go
Best Pet
Better Than New
Violent Drunk
Australia Gets Drunk
Border Patrol
World Trade Center Pictures (I swear they are real)
Ten things women understand
The Pope's Camera
Golden Urinal
Three Engineers pt2
How To Get Rich
Little Johnny and the Priest
Over Eager
If men really ruled the world
Smart Kid
Talking Clock
Oxymorons #2
40 Things a southerner would never say
Health Care
Finding Jesus
Just Married
The Trip
The Question
One Condition
Thermodynamics of Hell
Mountain Men
Blonde Robbery
What does your dad do?
Fowl Play
Air Bag
Easter Chocolate
Watch It
Visiting Grandma
Doctor Poker
The Sacrifice
Mirror Mirror
People are Idiots
Ding Dong
Golf Buddies
Employment Ad
First One
Blonde Teacher
Making the grade
The Earring
The Dog Fight
Words to Live By
The Marathon
Drug Dealers vs. Software Developers
Signs you are too drunk
Carpenter, Electrician and the Dentist
The Doctor Visit
Fruits of Love
The Statue
Need a doctor?
The Carjacking
Jury of Lawyers
The Feminist
The Coffee Maker
I Don't Get It
The Offer
My Pumpkin
Things learned through kids
Beer Study
Three Rednecks
The Golfer and the Skydiver
Marriage Myths
KFC honoring Hillary
New office worker
Blonde Inventions
10 Signs Cheney has a bad heart
Clerk and the Cougher
Long Hair
Doctor Smith
Motorcycle Men
Sleeping Troubles
Pirate Insurance
New Years Resolutions you can keep
Last Request
12 Shots
Drug Bust
Who wants to be a millionaire
New Internet Uses
The Clocks
Before it starts
Popular Guy
Old Man's Doctor
Notice of Revocation of Independence of the U.S.
Voting for Dummies
Al Gore Master Card Spoof
The Hamster
Three for Halloween
Popcorn Dressing
Scavenger Hunt
At the Watergate
After Surgery
The Interview
Fine Wine
How Sweet
Two Candidates
How to confuse Trick-or-Treaters
Meter Readers
Three Nurses
Organized Crime Money Saving Tips
Elvis, River and Liberace
Name Calling
New Hands-Free Kit for your Cell
You're Late
Kung-Fu Cat
Password Management
When Santa runs out of prozac
Peace talks between Clinton and Saddam
Blonde Witness
Fishy Story
New Fire Techniques
Blonde Horseback Riding
Halloween Costume
10 Ways to annoy a telemarketer
Adam and Eve
Carbon Dating
Native Tounge
Two Spoons
Odd Question
16 Fun things to do in class
Judge's Lunch
Human Emotions
Found a Frog
Water Landing
Big In Texas
Lawyer Surgery
6th Sense
The Good Doctor
Four Wives
Worst Analogies
Free Parking
Clever Dog
Ugly Baby
Baby Knows Best
Camping Hints
Math Expert

Static Electricity
Fed up with banks?
Why riding a horse is better than sex
The man who loved beans
Making faces
10 Reasons to go to work naked
Sailor in a bar
You might be a school teacher if...
HMO Voicemail
Golf Funeral
Almost Gone
Conductor Interview
Golf Partners
20 Thinnest Books
Chili Tasting
10 Things not to say when pulled over
Canadian Sex
Men Jokes
Ordering Pizza
Man's Wedding
Car's Bumper Sticker
Work Excuses
Redneck Q&A
Teddy Bears
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea
Policeman and the Fireman
Heaven Policy
Kiss the Frog
Banjo Jokes
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody
Two Fingers
Late Night
Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Duck Joke
Rich Cheater
Deep Thoughts
Old Age
Koala Bear
New Business
Two Engines
Bowl of Chili
Golf Lesson
Bill Clinton in Oz
The Diagnosis
Duck in a Convenience Store
Good Mystery
Pool Party
Texas Murder Rap
New Secretary
Politically Correct terms for Men
The Lumberjack
Low Cholesterol
10 Signs someone plays too many video games
The Sick Vet
The Rules of Chocolate
Why Dogs make better pets than Cats
The South
Musical Chairs Deemed Too Violent
Three on a plane
The Watch
Clinton's Afterlife
Top 10 Ways to Intimidate Your Daughter's Date
Goin' Fishin'
Airline Drinks
Ways to Annoy a Yankee
Pretend We're Married
Redneck Computer Terms
Anything for a buck (true news item)
Cops Bust Student for Campus Stink
15 Excuses to use when caught sleeping at work
Sometimes it really does take a rocket scientist
What She Really Means
The Pirate
Back Up!!
Hot Stuff
Fun at the office
Things you can do with a useless man
What Windows NT really is
Jumping off the empire state building
What Were You Thinking?
Newly Married
When the office pool won the lottery
Why women don't bungie jump
Neighbor's Pet
You might be a redneck if...
You've Worked in the 90's if...
Working at the zoo
Making a Wish
Politically Correct
Golf Shots
Missing Husband
Ring Bearer
Pulled Over
The Cure
War is Over
Money From God
Attorney Joke
Watching the sunrise
Armless Man
You know you're a dog person when...
Three Babies
Clinton on Elian
And you thought your job was bad
New Job
Lines you won't see from Hallmark
Year's best T-Shirt slogans
Lines that will get you slapped
Surgeon Talk
Those helpful theater employees
Three Engineers
Sunday School
Embarrassing Compulsion
Baseball Season
What he means
Needed Labels
Great Bar Joke
Special Golf Ball
Saving the president
Why Women Are Better
Travel Agent's Life
Time for a new lawyer
You Might Be Irish If...
Nun's Weekend Out
Drunk's Toilet
Three Men in a Pub
She was so blonde...
General's Comeback
What Women Want
Crime in Seattle
Penguin Driving through Arizona
You might be a Michigander...
Drinking Fast?
Dinner Party
Late night drinking?
Marine in DC
And you thought blondes were dumb
Answering machine messages
Crime Boss, his accountant and lawyer
Thanksgiving Turkey uses
Interesting Descriptions
Random Thoughts
Lighter look at marriage
We suggest you never...
Beethoven's 9th
A new reason to move to the west coast
Love Card
11 Things a Man would never say
Bear and a Rabbit
25 Signs you're getting old
Nun and a cabbie
Blonde and a cell phone
Advanced Planning
Old guy visits his doctor
How to Fix Dents
Signs its your last day at work
1999 Darwin Awards
Magician and a Parrot
What some people will do for a promotion...
Rules of computer order
Rabbi, A Priest, A Pastor
Two Blondes
You may be a caffeine addict if...
A teacher tests a class on famous sayings
Quotes from real resumes and cover letters
Did Time Run Out?
Clinton Mortgage Analysis
Laurena Bobbit
18 Airline Goodbye's
Little Johnny on Weight Loss
New Watch
Two Priests meet St. Peter
Two Old Ladies
Backhoe Training
A Whole Slew of Quickies
Three Wishes







Macromedia Dreamweaver

Washing The Cat
Lines to Use at Work
Plane Humor
Late Night Snack
Jesus is watching
Irish Confession
The Nun and the Drunk
Orange Dick
Famous Male/Female Quotes
On the way to the wedding
Brunette Jokes
Woman Hit Twice By Same Car in 24hrs
The Dress of Love
Birthday Card Poem
Doctor and his wife

Big Josh
Sin of Lying
Blonde Kidnapping
Little Johnny Does Math
A Guy Walks into a Bar (High Tech)
Truth is stranger than fiction
Peeking on your wedding night
Idiots....they walk among us
Naming things in a bar
Question and Answer (one liners)
Playing Cards
Mastercard for Men
Liver And Cheese
Jack And Jill
Big Date
Elevator Ride
Courtroom Genius
Road To Hawaii
Tounge Twister
Washing Machine
Shopper Of The Day
Make Someone Happy
Who Stole My Hoss?
Two Sperm
Nasty Talk

Three Words
Hand Cream
In A Manner of Speaking
The Confessional
Help for the sick
Texan, Oregonian and Californian...
Texan in Australia
Blind in Texas
Something to live for (southern)
Hotel Soap Opera
My Son The ...
Time Honored Truths
Forward to end all forwards
IT Joke
Redneck's Drivers Application
Norm Peterson Quotes
If Men Were to Rewrite the Rules
Minister's Talk on Sex
Geek and His Frog
Woman's Four Favorite Animals
Curse Removal
12 Inch Lighter
Man Wins the Lottery
What's The Difference Between a Woman and a Computer
Louisiana DWI
10 Words that should exist
Letter of Recommendation

Rectum Stretcher
The Three Larry's
Bill Clinton's Worst Decision
Joe's Headaches
Young King Arthur
Cowboy's Guide To Life
 1998 Darwin Awards
 10 Things Adam Sandler Hates
 Windows 98 version for Alabama Users
 A Lesson in mourning
 A New type of hack
 Back Hoe Incident
 Blonde working on a jigsaw puzzle
 Blonde makeout story
 Blondes fight back
 Bob visits a nudist colony
 Buckwheat and Darla
 Chain letter to end all chain letters
 Clinton meets St. Peter
 Cowboy and his horse
 Cracking the Mind of a hacker
 Dennis Miller's Advice to Women
 Dilbert's Newsletter #24
 Dilbert's Newsletter #23
 Dilbert's Newsletter #25
 Under the dinner table
 Farmer's Daughters
 First English Words
 The Good, the bad and the ugly
 How many list subscribers does it take to change a lightbulb
 Husband and wife playing golf
 Jewish American Princess jokes
 Little Johnny Spelling
 Leroy's Vocabulary Homework
 Lessons to Live by
 Lucky Frog Story
 Male/Female Quotes
 Matter of perspective
 M&M Wars
 New York Tourism Rules
 Office Humor
 Office Vocabulary
 One liner's from famous women
 Operating System Airlines
 Priest Fed Up With Cheating
 Rules guys wish women understood
 Rules in the South
 Sperm Bank Holdup
 Tarzan and Jane
 Tech Support Tales
 Why trick or treating is better than sex
 Vasectomy joke
 Vocabulary lesson
 Wedding Night Surprise
 Getting Weighed at the Carnival
 Why men stand and pee

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